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"Never get into a car alone with a stranger"

Crimes by rogue cabbies are frequent and opportunistic... ...But TaxiGuard makes criminal activity unthinkable

TaxiGuard is a revolutionary iPhone app that is there for you, anywhere in the world; acting as a big brother and keeping an independent track of your movements, whenever You tell it to.

All information is uploaded into the cloud... It is not stored in your phone. It remains confidential and PIN protected unless you hit the PANIC button, or fail to hit the END of TRIP button on time...

And if that happens... it calls out the cavalry! [Show me How]

It can do this because whenever you get into a cab, you can immediately and continuously upload a permanent record of:

  • Which cab you entered.
  • Where and when you entered it.
  • Who you driver is.
  • Which route you have travelled, and
  • Where you are NOW[Show me How]
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Are you a caring employer?

A fantastic tool to protect your staff - and your company, in an OH&S legal minefield.

Are you a parent, partner or "concerned other"?

A superb application of modern technology to protect loved ones.

Have you lost your freedom through a fear of travelling solo?

Take it back and restore your confidence and your independence.

Are you due to travel abroad or in unfamiliar territory?

Stay safe fully aware and in control of your travel environment.

  1. The average person takes a taxi six times a year.
  2. It would cost the average person just $2.99 to protect themselves for a year.
  3. Why limit yourself to taxis! Any time you are out... On a train, a bus, or even accepting a lift.
  4. Automatically posting safe arrivals to Facebook allows buddies to keep an eye on each other after a night out.
Why is catching a cab such a lottery? Make it crystal clear to a rogue driver that crime is unthinkable - because apprehension is inevitable.
Peace of Mind
Ensure that your children, spouse or partner can get around safely, especially at night
Gain confidence and freedom when travelling - whether in your home city, interstate or overseas.